Bartending Business For Sale

-Income: $5000 in contracts last year

-Equipment: Jockey Box with two Taps and chill plate including two C02 tanks, two keg ice tubs, Wine barrel Bar -3 Large white Ice Chest ($1090 value)


-Branding: brand name and business license will be transferred to new owner ($500)


-Current bookings: all current contracts can be transferred to you or they can be fulfilled by us, hourly wage would apply but all additional income would go to new owners. ($1000 value)


-Web Domain: Our website is setup for online booking and all ownership of the domain name and website will be transferred to you. Additionally, we are offering 1 year of web development and maintenance of the website plus training for the new owner if desired ($4000 value)


-Vendor Network: We'll let all our vendors that we work with (venues, wedding coordinators, etc.) know that we're transferring the business to you. This will ensure they will know where to send referrals ($1000 value)

-Consultation/Training: If you are new to the industry I will work with you on your first couple of contracts to help you ask the right questions and develop a quote and contract to send to your customers. Also I will help you with setup at your first contracted gig so that you can learn how all of the equipment works ($300)

Total Value: $12,890

Don't worry we're not going to charge you $12,890 
But even if we did, would it be worth it to have a business that could easily be scaled to $10,000/year, $20,000/year and beyond?
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